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Inverter with outflow funnel (Medical & Aromatic plants)

A practical method to invert a box is possible with an inverter equipped with an outflow funnel; the box can berotated 135°. Therefore the box will discharge completely. The outflow funnel will ensure correct dosage of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants into another box, bunker or onto a belt or something else. Connecting the funnelto a vacuum transport pipe, is also one of the options.

There is enough space on the front to place the box.The sides are provided with safety screens.

The cylinders are used to invert the top of theinverting yoke.

When placing the box, there is space left on the top.

The sides are provided with cylinders to be able to lift the box to close the space between the funnel.

The box will clamp into the funnel.

Thanks to the lifting and clamping possibility, several box sizes can be inverted without leakage.

Here you see the inverting process. The outflow can be adjusted if desired. Can be equipped with a dosing slide or outflow opening for the connection with the vacuum transport system.